Y. Zhao, et al, Nano Energy 2015. 11. 129

2015-12-2 16:15:10

Ultrathin MoO2 nanosheets for superior lithium storage

Nano Energy 2015. 11. 129

J. Ni, Y. Zhao, L. Li*, L. Mai*

Ultrathin MoO2 nanosheets encapsulated in carbon matrix were fabricated through a facile interfacial selfassembly of laminar MoO3 nanosheets, followed by thermal reduction to MoO2 mediated by glucose. The resulting MoO2/C nanosheets exhibited a superior Listorage capacity, retaining 1051 mAh g(-1) over 100 cycles at a rate of 0.5 A g(-1), and 719 mAh g(-1) over another 100 cycles at a high rate of 5 A g(-1) (based on the total mass of MoO2 and carbon). More importantly, the MoO2/C nanosheets exhibit robust rate capability, affording a stable capacity of 544 mAh g(-1) at an extremely high rate of 10 A g(-1), thereby suggesting their great potential as promising electrode materials for high power battery applications such as electric automobiles and power tools.

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