Zhiwei Shi, et al, Sci. Rep. 2015. 5. 9317

2015-8-28 15:30:18

Pt-free and efficient counter electrode with nanostructured CoNi2S4 for dye-sensitized solar cells

Sci. Rep. 2015. 5. 9317

Z. Shi, K. Deng, L. Li*

The counterelectrode has a great influence on the performance of the dye-sensitized solarcells (DSSCs). The research and development of Pt-freecounterelectrode is becoming one of the hot areas in the field of DSSCs. Herein, we successfully synthesized a ternary metal sulfide (CoNi2S4) nanostructure on FTO substrate by hydrothermal method and investigated its application as counterelectrode. The as-synthesized sample could exhibit better electrocatalystic property than that of Pt, and corresponding DSSCs have comparable conversion efficiency with typical Pt catalyzed cells. The easy synthesis, low cost and excellent electrocatalytic property may help the CoNi2S4 nanostructure stand out as an alternative counterelectrode in DSSCs.

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